Inspired by the 365 Project, I decided I may not be able to take a picture a day since I rarely have a camera on me... BUT I CAN document my year through music! So here's to 366 new songs, the music playing in my head, to make up my soundtrack for 2012.

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An Appreciation for Creating

Happy New Years everyone! I know I’ve fallen off the web, but I’m going to try and find my way back into art & Tumblr (as much as I can) this year.

Went to the Downtown Santa Ana Art Walk tonight and had a blast. I really started to miss the days where I would walk around 798 in Beijing and looking at different art exhibits. Tonight reopened my mind to what fellow peers are creating and it’s amazing stuff! I, sometimes, do find myself reaching for what the artist wants to convey/say but half the time I just appreciate the fact that they’re creating something. It takes great talent & bravery to put your work out there and it’s a huge glimpse into who you are as well!

I miss seeing things that are out there, strange, dark/macabre, bright, happy, beautiful; I want to see things that make me reach, think, tap into a part of myself that I don’t get to at work. It’s neat seeing into people’s imaginations, thoughts and find out what they feel is worth capturing. Anyways, I hope to post a few more things that I find pretty & interesting!

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